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Business Incubation Programmes

Our Focus

Our business incubation programmes are non-academic and thus focused on the practical side of marketing implementation. From time to time group training are conducted at our office to further strenthen the incubatees' knowledge.

Young lady attending a networking session at marketing incubator in johannesburg

Marketing Strategies

Throughout the marketing incubation we will be discussing and applying and marketing strategies that you could use to achieve the following: increasing sales, new customers, cross-selling, introducing new product or service, increasing your market share, brand awareness and improving customer loyalty.

Young lady in her office at marketing business incubator in johannesburg

Marketing Plan

The summary of the marketing plan define the basics of the business sales. It should disclose who the customers are, where business is conducted and the products and services that will be sold. It should further provide the sales analysis, the product analysis and the marketing objectives.

Young lady in her office at marketing business incubator in johannesburg

Sales Strategies

As an entrepreneur if you are not concerned with maximizing your turnover, your company may not be as profitable as you plan it would be. Without the sales of products or services, a business becomes economically unstable. The sales team is not the only department that is responsible for sales within your organization.